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WARNING: Insider Advice That All Homeowners MUST Know When Being Quoted!

Oftentimes homeowners understand that they should reach out to 2-3 companies for an initial consultation for their renovation, however, there’s a key step that most don’t consider when choosing which company to trust with their life savings. Initial consultations allow you to talk to a representative from each company your considering. You may even find that most companies won’t take the time out of their day for an in-person consultation and would rather discuss your ideas over a phone call. 

Each company will assess your home renovation project and the changes involved in making your desired living space a reality.  Unfortunately, some important details are left up in the air during initial consultations! This can lead to you receiving several different quotes but the fine details are different among each company’s proposal. 

Our team at Urban Studio sees this happen all the time.. So here’s what we recommend: Have one company go one step further and invest in having them complete the drawings and design stage. The drawings and design stage can cost anywhere between $10,000-20,000 and includes in-depth information and professional drawings from engineers and architects, that are necessary for attaining the building permits required to complete your entire project. 

Upon approval of the city, they will provide you with the necessary permits you will need to undergo your project. You will now be able to have other companies come in to quote for the EXACT same renovation… allowing you to compare apples to apples, as they say. Once you’ve decided on a reliable company with a trustworthy reputation to commit to, you can now confidently proceed with the construction phase of your project. Email us to book your initial consultation.

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