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Design & Build – Hold one company accountable for your project!

With more than ten years under our belt estimating, designing, and rocking home additions and big renovation gigs, we’ve got the smarts to make things happen just right. We’re all about teaming up with you, getting those plans in line with your dreams, and making sure we stick to your budget.

Here’s the deal: Many folks end up hunting down different pros for each part of their project, thinking that’s all it takes. But juggling multiple parties? That’s a recipe for headaches, delays, and unexpected messes. When a bunch of companies try to work together seamlessly, it’s not always smooth sailing – think budget surprises, finger-pointing, and coordination chaos. But when you roll with us at Urban Studio, you’re dealing with just one crew accountable for your project – that’s us! We’ve got all the skills to make your journey hassle-free. Whether you’re dreaming of a renovation or a massive addition, let’s chat and set up your first meeting.

Thinking about a fancy interior renovation, a second-floor addition, or giving your place a serious facelift? You’ll need a bunch of skilled folks to pull that off. Whether you’re sprucing up your crib or creating something from scratch, having the right experts is key.

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