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Top Renovation Mistakes You MUST Avoid

Renovations can be very expensive and making mistakes can mean re-purchasing supplies, materials and fixtures. It can also affect timelines and cause extra stress.  Below is a list of mistakes to avoid before and during a renovation: Not Doing Due Diligence when Hiring Not every company that is licensed and insured...
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It’s time to give stairs more attention!

One of the highest traffic areas in your home is the staircase! Staircases have always been more than just a method to teleport from one level of your home to another, they have acted as accent features for hundreds of years.  You have an opportunity to set the feeling and...
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Spring is here!

We all spent too much time indoors this year, it is time to expand our living space outdoors.  It is a known fact that an attractive deck can raise the value of your home. The number one project post-purchase and pre-sale happens to be deck additions and renovations. Decks are...
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