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Are you looking to increase your living space?

It seems there’s a never-ending stream of homes throughout Toronto with construction fences up out front. Additions have become very popular, as many residents are not willing to relocate from the city in order to have a larger living space for their family.  Oftentimes we outgrow our current living spaces,...
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Sky High Lumber Prices

Lumber prices in North America have gone through the roof, driving up the cost of general contracting services and home renovations across GTA. We have seen an increase of 170 percent in the last few months due to supply and demand. The sky-high lumber prices are increasing home renovation costs...
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Is your kitchen chair killing your back?

These are hard times. Many of us are working from home since the pandemic hit.  Some of us saw it as a welcome break in the beginning, but the downsides are becoming clearer each day.  The absence of social interaction with co-workers, hectic online meetings, kids doing online schooling, and...
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