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Is your kitchen chair killing your back?

These are hard times. Many of us are working from home since the pandemic hit.  Some of us saw it as a welcome break in the beginning, but the downsides are becoming clearer each day.  The absence of social interaction with co-workers, hectic online meetings, kids doing online schooling, and...
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Essential construction – Effective April 17th

The government of Ontario has released its essential construction types that will be able to continue during this state of emergency. These new rules came into effect on Saturday, April 17th for all of Ontario. The residential renovations and construction work, are allowed to continue operation. Our first priority will...
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Top Renovation Mistakes You MUST Avoid

Renovations can be very expensive and making mistakes can mean re-purchasing supplies, materials and fixtures. It can also affect timelines and cause extra stress.  Below is a list of mistakes to avoid before and during a renovation: Not Doing Due Diligence when Hiring Not every company that is licensed and insured...
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