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Most Common Types of Home Additions

It’s true that COVID-19 has turned an entire nation into homebodies and changed the way we view our homes. As we all have had to adjust to a new way of living, so have our homes. With the way homes are now being used, architects and home builders are actively creating new designs that are more relevant to today’s lifestyle, which oftentimes means designing an addition or extension for the current home. 

Depending on your needs and wants, one of our many types of home additions or extensions could be a great solution to maximize your square footage potential. Below are the most popular types of additions in your neighbourhood.

Additional Floor

This addition is basically adding an extra floor to your home, typically of the same surface area as the ground floor.  Most floor additions are added to bungalows and are fairly common. This addition requires a reworking of the ground floor to add a staircase; most homeowners opt for renovating the kitchen as well. 

Rear Additions

It’s an extension of the back of the house into the backyard and can be added to most homes. This can be done by building an addition on piers that will not require digging or pouring a foundation and tends to be used to increase living space on the main floor, or possibly the second floor.

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