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Designing Your Home with Your Pet in Mind

Of all the things homeowners need to contemplate when undertaking a home renovation, how their dogs will use the revamped space isn’t always at the top of the priority list.  However, if you are including your pets while making your initial design choices the results can be amazing for pets and owners alike. These design details not only provide a safe and secure place for your dog but help homeowners avoid eyesores while providing practical solutions while making your life a little easier. For instance, a built-in dog bath will save homeowners time and money while avoiding unnecessary stress for your pooch as most dogs prefer to bathe at home.  Or, adding a mudroom for quick and easy clean-up after a rainy walk.

Having a functional home that both you and your pets can enjoy is very achievable. The key is to design your space with pet-friendly surfaces to minimize damage and cut your cleaning time, while also maintaining the aesthetic of your home. Here at Urban Studio, we treat our pets like family and we love helping our clients design and build homes that are both homeowner and pet approved!

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