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Keeping Everything Under One Roof!

Many homeowners are tempted to divide up their large-scale renovation amongst several parties. The majority of companies do not have the capacity to handle all aspects of your project. Many designers and architects are not qualified to handle the construction of your project, similarly, many construction and trade companies are not qualified to provide you with professional designs and architectural drawings.

Hiring two separate companies to handle the design and build of your project will lead to several issues. Below are the top 3 reasons why we highly recommend having your project managed by one company that can take full responsibility for your project’s success, from start to finish.

Budget Discrepancies:

Budget discrepancies will occur when separate companies are involved with different parts of your project. This is especially true when dealing with an architect that is not part of the construction of your project. When the architect and builder are not part of one company there is a major lack of communication. This is where budgeting issues will arise.

Accountability Problems:

Like most budgeting discrepancies, accountability problems arise most often when the architect is hired separately from the builder. It is crucial the architect and builder are in close communication. Having these two parties working under the same roof creates accountability problems.

Extreme Delays:

Delays will occur due to no internal communication among all of the companies involved. Collaboration is crucial when it comes to large-scale renovations. In order to complete your renovation in a timely manner, there must be a dedicated project manager that overlooks every single moving piece within your project.

The reasons listed above are why we have made it our mission to provide our clients, at Urban Studio, with a complete all-in-one inclusive experience. Our team provides all of the skill sets necessary to complete your large-scale renovation. We will ensure the success of your project from start to finish, from the beginning stages of the design process to the finishing stages of the build. Every step of the project will be handled by us, by our very own team. Reach out to us today if you are looking for an all-inclusive solution to the large-scale renovation you have envisioned for years.

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