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All in One: “Design & Build”

There are several professionals that need to be involved with large-scale home renovation projects. Whether it be a complete gut renovation or adding an extension or addition to your existing home, a variety of expertise will be necessary. This often forces homeowners to be left looking for individual professionals to tackle each stage of their project. Though each company claims to have expertise in their specified trade, many homeowners do not account for the issues and downfalls when involving several companies in their projects. Coordinating multiple parties around each other is bound to create problems and cause errors. In addition to minor headaches caused by lack of cohesiveness from several companies not communicating, there are also other major downfalls such as budget discrepancies, accountability problems, and delays that arise when several companies are involved.

 Hiring our team of professionals at Urban Studio means that you, the homeowner, only have to hold one company accountable for your project’s success – US! Being the only company working with you on your project means that there will be no pointing fingers throughout the process. If you are considering a custom build, addition, or large-scale renovation project, we encourage you to put your trust in our team.

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