The Most Common Mistakes When Considering a Home Addition!

Many homeowners understand that a home extension or addition may be one of the largest investments they make in their lifetime. The cost of a home addition starts at $150,000 and can even reach half a million or more depending on the size and complexity of the project. Many homeowners...
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Fall Consultations Bring Spring Renovations

Year after year, our calendar quickly fills up during these months with consultations for new projects that homeowners seek to have done in the new year. It’s an exciting time of year for our team, meeting with new and old clients to discuss their renovation ideas for the upcoming spring....
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Full Gut & Additions

It’s nearly impossible to walk down any street of Toronto and not see one or two large-scale renovations or complete gut jobs. Having your home gutted is a thought many homeowners have entertained at one point or another. More and more homeowners are turning to improving and expanding their homes...
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