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Spring is here!

We all spent too much time indoors this year, it is time to expand our living space outdoors.  It is a known fact that an attractive deck can raise the value of your home. The number one project post-purchase and pre-sale happens to be deck additions and renovations. Decks are...
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Designing Your Home with Your Pet in Mind

Of all the things homeowners need to contemplate when undertaking a home renovation, how their dogs will use the revamped space isn’t always at the top of the priority list.  However, if you are including your pets while making your initial design choices the results can be amazing for pets...
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Most Common Types of Home Additions

It’s true that COVID-19 has turned an entire nation into homebodies and changed the way we view our homes. As we all have had to adjust to a new way of living, so have our homes. With the way homes are now being used, architects and home builders are actively...
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