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Massive two Storey Addition On Detached Home In Beach Hill

The construction on this large two-story detached home began earlier this year and is expected to wrap up this fall. Unlike most of Urban Studio’s other projects, this client came to us with the designs, drawings, and permits already in place, seeking our assistance for the construction. When the design and build are done by separate companies it increases the chance for discrepancies and errors that may cause major issues to arise during the construction stage.

Homeowners are often misguided and opt to have drawings done before they are ready to have their renovation commence. Unfortunately for the homeowners of this large addition project, they experienced some of the issues mentioned above; costing them tens of thousands of dollars and delays in their project. Major structural issues regarding the existing east and west brick walls were not identified during the design process by the third-party design firm and engineers. Identifying any existing issues in your property before drafting up any drawings is very important. In this case, these issues were only found once the Urban Studio team stepped in, requiring supplementary and additional drawings to be drafted up regarding the structural matter. When Urban Studio does the design and builds all in-house, multiple inspections are done throughout the early design and drawings stage with construction in mind. 

The structural issues identified have since been corrected, passing the city inspection. The two-story addition has been fully framed in, and the new duct work, plumbing, and electrical throughout the house have been completed. The next step for this project is for the insulation to be put in and our drywall crew to come in and close up all the walls. 

Though these homeowners were caught off guard by a few setbacks, they will still enjoy a beautifully built two-story addition to their home, with peace of mind knowing that all structural issues were rectified. We always recommend hiring a firm that has the experience and know-how in both the design process as well as the construction; every successful project requires expertise in both areas. This will create a more seamless, enjoyable renovation experience for you.

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